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Jamaica! Taken From The Poor, Sold To The Rich | Benjamin Israel

This a documentary that exposes the condition of the Island of Jamaica and how its natural resources are becoming less accessible to the native and being sold to wealthy Foreigners by the elected officials.

The Sprinter Factory | The Guardian

The Sprinter Factory | The Guardian These are the girls running as fast as they can to be Jamaica’s new sprint champions in a country obsessed with its athletes. This is the story of the Champs national youth athletics competition that could change their lives. Okhalia, Alesha and Shellece have their sights set on being …Read more »

The Benefits of Miracle Moringa | HealingMoringaTree

Video By Mircale Moringa Moringa tree education. @ How to Grow a Moringa Tree: The Ultimate Study Guide to Assist, Establish, and Perfect the Art to Cultivating a Blessing. @ or on

Jamaica’s failing Economy | John Alessi

This short documentary is about Jamaica’s failing Economy. We went on the road to get Jamaican’s prospective on what they felt about the economy. How they felt about the Jamaican politicians not working cohesively with each other while at the same time, Trinidad & Tobago is major Jamaican companies.

The Debt | Jamaica | Tribal Heart

Social documentary on the effects of neo liberal economic policies imposed on Jamaica by IMF and World Bank 1990. Filmed by Peter Rinaldo

Jamaica’s Silent Children | People and Power | Al Jazeera English

Jamaica likes to portray itself as a tropical paradise – its sunshine and laid-back atmosphere attracting millions of tourists every year. But behind this idyllic picture lies a more sinister truth: this is a nation where child sex abuse is endemic. According to the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, 40 percent of Jamaicans say that their …Read more »

Tell the Children the Truth | Tammy Hart

Tell the Children the Truth is an educational and entertaining, 47 minute Jamaican documentary that intends to provoke a broad discussion of ‘What it Means to be a Parent’. Historic and present day social issues associated with parenting in Jamaica including – teenage pregnancy, father absence, women’s choices, abandonment, abuse, and money, are explored through …Read more »

Life and Dance | Sabrina Marshall

A dance docu-series that follows professional dancers behind the camera and off stage, to chronicle their struggles in the dance industry with the support of their family and friends. Every episode features a new dancer and a new genre of dance, all coming full circle at the end. Credits: Sabrina K. Marshall, Zanga Dorchester, Kyle …Read more »